Speed Rope - CrossFit rope

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  • SAP Speed Ropes are a quality professional skipping rope delivering you optimised performance for your workout, boxing routine or CrossFit session. You will not be disappointed in the performance of this skipping machine.
  • High quality replaceable and adjustable 3 metre cable is braided and coated for extra protection and tangle free storage. 120g weight. Single ball bearing for effective rotations.
  • Mix and match your colours with replacement cables. Pinch and screwdriver adjustable cable, to allow temporary and permanent adjustment.
  • Suitable for beginners or professionals alike. This jump rope enhances your workouts and will allow you to develop and build your skipping skills.
  • Designed for high demand users, SAP speed ropes are weighted for speed work - doubles are a speciality. 
  • Comes in its own draw string bag with space for you to name your own bag, so it will always be the right size for you.