Hints and Tips

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  • Control the movement in contraction and extension.
  • Breath.
  • Step closer or further away from the anchor to change the intensity.
  • Double up your SAP Cords, to double up the intensity.
  • Clip your SAP Cords end to end to increase the length and range of motion.
  • Increase intensity by adding a second lighter intensity SAP Cords.
  • Think about equipment in the gym and the range of motion, then mimic it.
  • Think about the sport you want to improve, then mimic it, i.e. Rugby ball pass, tennis backhand.
  • Change your anchor point position, high, medium or low, overhead or stood on.
  • Use Olympic plates for Anchor points in a gym.
  • Think of using a training buddy to hold the anchor point.
  • Changing the angle and position of your stance, changes the exercise.
  • Ask advice from a Coach, Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer if you are unsure.



  • Check that there are no sharp edges near your anchor points or where your SAP cord may chaff.
  • Use anchor straps as hand straps, loop around your wrist and exit between your thumb and index finger.
  • Use other equipment you may have, such as triceps rope or empty sledges for a light pull.
  • Use your (old) sporting equipment such as a paddle or hockey stick to anchor the SAP Cord.


Care and Consideration

  • Keep control of your equipment, for yours and other safety. It will be a better exercise.
  • Think about other people around you.