Mats Interlocking - Soft Density

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Interlocking mats 1 meter x 1 meter x 2cm deep. Firm are ideal as floor protection under  soft in stretch areas

Soft Mats

As firm mats except -

Weight Approx. 0.6 kgs/per mat 
Material Microcellular EVA/PE foam 
Durometer 21 A 
Texture #987A deep tatami-jp one side 
Construction single density 

Non-PVC content-toxic free. 
Closed-cell-washable surfaces and do not absorb moisture or odours. 
Superior shock absorption. 
Light weight-easy to install, dismantle, store, and move. 
Interlocking system-come in 1 meter x 1 meter squares (net), easy to be assembled to any shape or size. 
Appropriate thickness to offer a comfortable interface between you and the floor.