Mats Interlocking - Firm Density

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Interlocking mats 1 meter x 1 meter x 2cm deep. Firm are ideal as floor protection under functional weights areas and soft in stretch areas

Firm Mats
The Dual Density mat is specially designed with a hardened top surface, to resist the damage caused by hard objects, with the protective under layer that absorbs the harmful impact.
Ideal for protecting both your floor and your functional weights, whilst insulating for sound and heat.
Depending on the extent of use these mats will expand over time, and may need trimming to allow for expansion.
For heavy use areas and weights over 20kg we would suggest you consider the solid rubber interlocking mats.

Size 102cm x 102cm x 20mm (40.2"x40.2"x0.79") 
Weight Approx. 5.3 kgs/per mat 
Material Microcellular EVA foam 
Durometer Dual Hardness: 35 A/ 45A (top/bottom) 
Thickness Approx. 5mm/15mm (Total 20mm) 
Texture #945 pebble one side 
Construction 2 layers/dual densities 
Colour Blue/black; red/black; gray/black; black/black 
Edge available in straight & bevelled edge 

Protective floor mat (Lock Cushion-Dual)
The interlocking firm floor mat is developed especially for fitness centres. It's a firmer texture sports mats contain double layers, dual densities-softer on top and firmer bottom. While the firmer layer on bottom can fully sustain the heavy training equipments, the softer layer on top still provide a comfortable zone for exercise.

Double layers system with dual active unction. 
Protective function plus better performance. 
Non-slip effect. 
PVC/CFC free. 
Safety against fire & dampness. 
Prevent from cold and noise. 
Interlocking system, light weight, easy to install. 
Low maintenance. 
Proper shock absorption.