Make the most of your Smart trainer, introduction.

It is not always easy to ride outside due to numerous reasons, time, weather, the road around you etc. Using a smart turbo trainer is convenient allowing you to more easily fit a good workout into your schedule.

Whilst cycling out on the roads is great; there is another whole world of cycling activities on line. Connecting with software you can access programs that have been designed by a variety of coaches, with sports science, experience and world class knowledge.

The huge development of online training allows your cycle workouts to be very specific, without the interruptions of the “real world”. Free from traffic, junctions and terrain issues, your turbo training workout is unhindered. Except maybe your phone, kids or other real world issues, but you can control many of these issues, get the temperature right for you, maybe with a fan, towel and drink bottle at hand.

Now is your chance to work on getting FIT.


  • Frequency of training
  • Intensity
  • Time


Grab your bike & Connect in onto your ThinkRider trainer

Put on your heart rate monitor

Download smart training software and link to your trainer and heart rate monitor.

Select a workout and start pedalling.

Well done you’re on the road to a fitter and healthier you, just ride on.