Grab your bike & Connect in onto your ThinkRider trainer

Grab your bike

You can use most types of traditional bikes on your ThinkRider smart trainer. The X5 NEO is called a “Wheel off” smart trainer. So you remove your rear wheel and connect the drive chain directly to a cassette on the smart trainer.

Remove your rear wheel. You will have one of two thicknesses of rear wheel axle.

  1. 130/135mm Quick release
  2. 12x142/12x148 Thru Axle (Optional, Inserts supplied)


Connect in onto your ThinkRider trainer

For details on cassettes and axles there is a ThinkRider video that covers these on the X7 setup video, just follow this link

Disc brake spacer

TIP: If you have disc brakes on your bike, you can get a plastic break spacer that keeps the callipers apart. This stops the callipers sticking together if you squeeze the brakes on when there is no wheel.


In this way you get to ride your bike which you know fits you. The interface with the loading is direct, no tyre slip or wear as you get on a “Roller” style turbo trainer.

The “Seal fins” on the X5 NEO allows for some degree of flex, so your fancy bike frame takes less stress and you get a more natural ride feel.

The cassettes your bike are set up for may vary. The smart trainer is cassette is compatible with Shimano/SRAM/Campagnolo 9/10/11 Speed. You may have a different configuration on your bike, but don’t panic the cassette on the smart trainer can be changed; just as you can change the cassette on your wheel.


  1. TIP: Clean you bike chain regularly especially before you mount it to your trainer. This is good practice for your bike, not only does it stay cleaner but importantly it reduces wear on the chain caused by dirt.
  2. TIP: Before you remove you wheel use your gears to the lower cog to reduce as much tension as possible on the chain.


The X5 NEO has a front wheel riser, which you can optionally place Front Wheel riser

under the front wheel. This is a bonus; which helps to keep your bike level, so that you do not drop too much weight onto your hands and maintain your normal ride posture. The riser also helps to keep the front wheel facing forwards and not “Wobble”.